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Ben Armistad has been crafting songs for the best part of 20 years. It's only in the last 18 months that the Kiwi has actively sort to produce and bring his tunes to market.


"I've always written, always wanted to write my own material. It's there, in a storytelling frame of mind that I find I'm most content. Most of my work has some form of quirky nature to it, it might be the lyrics or the vocal delivery but it's there and that's something that's unique to the way I write material"


The production and mixing process has proven hard for me to get to grips with. To be fair I think it's the type of thing you never really master. I've always got to remind myself that the actual recordings at their source have to be the best they can be. No compromising on the initial quality. 

I'll always write. If others hear the songs I write then that's fine but there's something in just writing which is very satisfying anyway... 

Never forget the power of music... cheers. 


Ben Armistad music is available on youtube, spotify, amazon, itunes, google play music, Cd baby, iheart radio, apple music and many more outlets. 

"white man on his iron horse,they will see our end"

from Geronimo by Ben Armistad 

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