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The Rock 

The Rock Release cover1.jpg

The new single from Ben Armistad. Released 2019 

The song describes the lure of power upon individuals and how they seek to manipulate it for their own good. The song represents the most rock-orientated release from Ben yet with electric guitar and synths being the driving force behind the melody / vocals.

Soldier's Prayer.png

Soldier's Prayer charity single 


Soldier's Prayer. Released on the 19th of April is the latest single from Ben Armistad. It is officially endorsed by The NZRSA. The single release coincides with ANZAC day (25th) in New Zealand with the country stopping to remember the sacrifices of those that have served the country in times of war. 

Dawn services are held throughout the country with poppies being the symbol of remembrance alongside wreaths that are laid beside the many monuments around New Zealand. 

50% of all digital download revenue generated from the single is to go to the NZRSA 

Notable digital download links are

Lest We Forget...

Into the mines 

The Into the Mines EP represents the debut works of Ben Armistad.

The EP would come under an alternative pop / rock genre with guitar and vocals being the most important elements in the mixes although sparse use of synths is used to offer the listener variety.
The focus for the listener should be towards the story and messages being told with the supporting musical framework complementing rather than overpowering the narrative. 

America The Brave Single cover two.png

America the Brave single

Into the mines EP preview - Ben Armistad
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America the Brave is a follow-up single that tells of the patriotism and loyalty of Americans to their country.  

America The Brave - Ben Armistad
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"Well they will not,go so gentle, it's the only work they know 
well they're knee deep in the coal dirt ,oh these mines they are their homes" 
from Into the mines by Ben Armistad 

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